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Tips for a successful interview

It is important to learn as much as possible about the company, history, its place in the markets it serves and on the type of product or services it offers.

What to do during the interview:

  • Be punctual. It is good to arrive 10 to 15 minutes in advance;
  • Arrive with a smile and give a vigorous handshake;
  • Identify yourself when arriving;
  • Dress properly;
  • Be attentive to the needs of the employer and what he/she is looking for;
  • Be sure to understand the issues and seek clarification if necessary;
  • Take your time to think before answering;
  • Be the most honest and the most candid possible;
  • Make connections between previous experiences and the offered position;
  • Demonstrate your capability to do the work and self-confidence;
  • Be positive and hava a dynamic tone;
  • Look the person in the eye. Bring a copy of your resume.
  • Be ready to give at least two references if requested;
  • Ask questions to show your interest;
  • Thank the employer at the end of the interview;
  • Ask when the decision will be made.

Source: L’Équipe du Carrefour Jeunesse Emploi de Marquette.

Ten tips for an effective resume

  • Do not write resume as a title, but rather your name in capital letters so that it is clearly visible;
  • Do not forget to also include your contact information in order to be contacted easily (e-mail address, phone number, cellular, etc.);
  • Do not insert photos or images (this is not relevant and it makes the file too heavy);
  • Write in black and with a single font;
  • Ensure that the size and the font style do not affect reading;
  • Send a copy of your resume both in French and English if you are at ease in both languages;
  • Write the title of diplomas and graduation year clearly;
  • If your profile is technical, add a section “Technologies” for each of the positions;
  • Limit your resume to 4 pages for a senior and 2 pages for a junior;
  • Highlight the titles of previous employment dates and places.